Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Let’s face it – most companies join the LCBA in order to get more business.  There is definitely a right and a wrong way to go about it. And there is a lot more to get out of your membership! You just need to know what!



You have someone on your side.  The LCBA, along with the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) and The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), fights for the rights, regulations, and legislative changes that affect the building industry and our members.  We represent our member interests and continuously advocate for improvements in the industry.

Our collective voice is the largest in Lebanon County and through our alliance with PBA, we are the largest voice in the state of Pennsylvania. The LCBA works to keep your business running smoothly by working with local officials to provide a pro-business, pro-building environment.


The LCBA provides countless ways to network and build relationships.  The association has a wide array of programs and events that will provide you with enjoyment and personal satisfaction as you interact with contacts to grow your business. We host a handful of membership networking and social events throughout the year, along with our Annual Golf Outings and Tabletop Night! If you show up, and get active, you will start making more contacts in this area who know the industry!


As a business owner, it’s important to stay current with industry trends, regulations, and general business practices.  The LCBA is your source for your professional education needs.  Through our many education programs, we’ll provide information for you to integrate the latest industry news into your business. If we are not hosting, we can help find a local association hosting educational seminars or conferences.


LCBA, PBA, and NAHB have teamed up with a multitude of companies to offer members significant discounts on the many services that are vital to the daily operations of your business such as home warranty discounts, legal services, credit card processing, travel, rental cars, cell phones, gas, insurance, office supplies, website & marketing materials, and much more!

For a full list of Affinity Programs through NAHB, Click Here.


LCBA members can enhance their credibility and visibility by belonging to one of the most respected trade associations in the industry.  Join a committee, attend membership meetings, teach a class, or work on a community service project and see how easy it is to garner professional recognition when you get involved.


LCBA offers its members many opportunities throughout the year to promote your business.  Whether it’s those in those in the building industry or the general public, we are here to promote you.  Let us help you maximize your advertising dollars! We offer sponsorships for all of our events. That includes exposure at the event in addtion to our website and social media sites. We have a bi-monthly publication called "The Blueprint" which we add any sponsorships in that giving you more exposure. Bottom line - the LCBA is here for YOU!

The Quickest Way to See A Return On Your Investment

  1. BE ACTIVE in the LCBA to gain visibility. Attend meeting and events and become known in the assocation.

  2. GET INVOLVED with those issues that either strengthen or are of greatest concern to the industry.

  3. Even if there is a competitor, ALWAYS TRY TO DO BUSINESS WITH A MEMBER.This will enhance your credibility.

  4. Use the LCBA functions to MEET, NETWORK, AND MARKET:NOT sell!  People will interact with your more freely – you can sell later in a more focused environment

  5. IF YOU ARE NOT HAVING FUN WITH IT, DON’T DO IT!  Find someone else from your firm to represent your company if you do not have the time to devote! Affiliate memberships are avaialable as well for little cost!

  6. BE REALISTIC – know how much you can contribute in time or other resources and do not exceed that.  We don’t want members to burn out!

  7. Always INTRODUCE YOURSELF by offering your company name and don't forget those buisness cards to hand out at a networking event.

  8. Are you in this for the long haul?A three-year track record of involvement will generate the ATTENTION AND CREDIBILITY you are looking for.